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Dentist in Willis Texas

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Veneers in Willis Texas

Dentist in Willis Texas
Dentist in Willis Texas

Sometimes, no matter what you do, smiles change over time—and it’s not always in a flattering way. The crazier part? Sometimes you don’t know it’s changing. Not until one morning you wake up and see a discolored, chipped, or cracked tooth. Yikes. But not worry. Everything has a solution. All you have to do is reach out to Pioneer Dentistry of Willis. Our Dentist in Willis Texas will whip you right into shape.

Teeth become hollow and brittle over time as a byproduct of continued enamel loss. Not to worry, though. Now you can save your nearly-extinct teeth through the wonders of veneers. So you can patch up gaps, discoloration, and misalignments. So what exactly are veneers? In a nutshell, they’re thin porcelain strips, contoured for a comfortable fit. Keep in mind, they take a few procedures to fully apply. But after that, you’re golden. You’ll also be glad to know that veneers do not affect tooth enamel, maintaining dental integrity and extending your smile’s longevity. So you can keep wowing folks for many years to come. Haven’t satisfied your curiosity? Feed it a few extra helpings by reaching out to Pioneer Dentistry of Willis for a consultation. Or just let our dentist in Willis Texas know that you’d like to dive right into the wonderful world of veneers. No matter what you decide, the important thing is that you’re making a decision. Ignoring structural problems with your teeth is a surefire way to allow for other complications down the road. So why risk it?

All you have to do is contact Pioneer Dentistry of Willis. However you want to go about it—whether by phone or via e-mail. Then let us know that you’d like to setup an appointment with our dentist in Willis Texas. That’s all there is to it.

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