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Common causes of toothaches in Willis

Emergency dentist in Willis
Emergency dentist in Willis

Toothaches can be simply bothersome or almost intolerable, but either way you should not ignore one or try to wait it out. At Pioneer Dentistry of Willis, our priority is to relieve you of the pain you’re in as quickly and effectively as we can.

The two most common causes of toothaches are also ones that the easiest to solve: a new cavity or an existing one where the filling has come loose and fallen out. Our emergency dentist in Willis won’t waste a second in placing a new or replacement filling. You may also suffer a chipped or cracked tooth, either of which may occur for various reasons. In order to remedy the situation, our emergency dentist in Willis needs to take impressions so that you can be fitted with a crown. A temporary one will serve that role until the dental lab makes your permanent one. As with a cavity, the reason you’re experiencing pain with a chip or crack, at least initially, is the exposure of the nerve inside. There is also the possibility of sustaining an infection. And if that happens, your pain can increase very quickly. Root canal treatment must be done in order to save the tooth, which is the case 90% of the time. If the tooth is too far gone for root canal, the only remaining option is extraction and replacement with a dental implant. If you tense up at the very mention of root canal, let us assure you that advancements in both the procedural technique and the equipment used have made it comfortable. Most patients report little or no pain at all.

Whatever the cause of your toothache, you can depend on our emergency dentist in Willis to diagnose it, assess the severity, and take the appropriate action. Call us right away and let us book you for the next available appointment.

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