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Preventive Care in Humble

Preventive care starts at home, and it continues here at Pioneer Dentistry of Willis. Fortunately, the effort involved is minimal. The results, however, are remarkable and long lasting.

If you don’t engage in preventive care, you’re simply waiting for cavities and gum disease to develop. Treating them after the fact leads to a greater investment of time and money, and can easily result in discomfort and pain. It’s a risk that simply is not worth taking. Our Humble dental office suggests that you brush your teeth twice per day, when you first wake up, and again before you go to bed. Additional brushing after meals is also advisable Flossing is a once per day task, and one best done at bedtime. Your visits to our Humble dental office two time per year are a vital part of the strategy, though. The reason is that any dental plaque that your brushing and flossing does not eliminate turns into tartar. This hardened version of plaque can only be eradicated with a professional teeth cleaning. If tartar lingers, it is contributing to tooth decay, and the eventual formation of cavities. Furthermore, it is irritating and reddening your gums, both signs of gingivitis, gum disease’s first stage. Teeth cleanings at our Humble dental office succeed in the removal of tartar buildup, and also relieve the effects of gingivitis, reversing them. During the same visit, you will be given a full oral examination, including periodic x-rays. A big part of prevention is keeping issues from getting worse. A small cavity is easily filled, but if it grows larger, you may develop a toothache or infection, and need root canal therapy. Loss of a tooth is also possible.

Contact our Humble dental office to book your next appointment to come in for preventive care. An examination and teeth cleaning will keep your oral health at the highest level possible.

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